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Does Paul’s work have limitations?

Yes. What limits him is group and personal karma. He can only intervene in karma if he is given permission to do so, and it is in concert with God's will. What this means is, if you contract with him to do something that affects you directly, then chances are that you have completed some lesson and he will have God’s support in carrying out the task.

If you asked Paul to clear somebody else's house (say as a surprise gift), he could only do it if they gave their permission. Without their conscious consent, he could be altering lessons that they have not completed, and God would not allow him to do that.

Group karma can come into play in an office setting. 

Paul has successfully cleared a floor in the building that he worked in while stationed in Hawaii. There was a noticeable change in the atmosphere and tensions among workers that had been brewing dissipated. This clearing worked because it affected Paul, and because there were several other employees there that benefitted spiritually by witnessing this demonstration. If he had no connection to this office, and no one from that group asked for the clearing, it probably would not be effective.

Here is an example of personal karma from an actual situation.

A man from Richmond, Virginia left a message on Paul’s phone in which he sounded quite frightened and exasperated by banging, voices and apparitions in his home. At the end his message, there was several seconds of strange sounds and a menacing male voice that said, "Don’t talk"..."goodbye." 

This voice was a very aggressive spirit that was expressing to Paul that he didn’t want him to intervene. Paul was very surprised when he spoke to the man the next day, and was told that he didn’t want him to do anything after all. Obviously the spirit in his home was powerful enough not only to warn off Paul over the phone, but also to influence this man's will.

Several people who were allowed to hear the message implored Paul to help this man. They were concerned about his welfare and this spirit's control over him. 

There are two reasons why Paul could not help him, and both have to do with karma. 

First, he must invite Paul to do it. That means he must choose to end his lesson by his own choice. White Light House Healing cannot, and will not, push its services on someone no matter how badly anyone else may think they need it. 

Secondly, even if Paul did exorcise this spirit without the man’s consent, the man would incur a karmic debt by not giving something of value back to Paul (his service fee).  

Whenever we increase our karma we must work it off one way or another. Our goal as spirits, having a human experience, is to balance our karma so that we don’t have to keep retuning in physical form.

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