White Light House Healing
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Pet and Animal Services

Animals have souls and can benefit from the services of White Light House Healing just as humans. 
Most of the services that White Light House Healing offers for humans are also available to help your beloved pets.

Energy Attachments
Animals are sensitive to environmental energies, particularly negative energies.

Many clients
 comment to Paul that after a house clearing their animal will go into areas in the home that they had previously avoided.
Animals can be affected by a negative entity attachment that may cause them to feel uncharacteristically ill or subdued.

Clearing the energy in the home and removing an attached energy/entity creates a more positive energy environment for the animal.

Aura Blockages
Animals often know when their humans are feeling emotional pain.
Some believe that pets can actually absorb some of this negative energy.

Pets also can carry negative energy in their auras from their own traumas. Cleansing an animal’s aura can promote a higher level of energy, vitality and emotional balance.

Soul Retrieval
Animals have fractured parts of their soul produced from traumas and bad experiences just as humans do.
Restoring these soul fragments can promote a more balanced and happier life experience for the animal.

Crossing Over
If your pet’s spirit is around you after it passes away, you can ensure that it moves on to its well deserved joy in the light.
You can reciprocate the unconditional love your animal provided you in life by having Paul escort them to their place of peace and happiness.

In many cases, once in the light the spirit may choose to visit you. If it does, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that it is doing so because it wants to.

Karmic Issues
Karmic rules apply for animals as they do for humans.
Paul has seen wonderful results for energy cleansings on animals but cannot guarantee that they will cure any specific physical or mental/emotional problem for the animal.

Some problems are based on karma and may not respond to a healing.

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