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Message To Clients / International Clients

After several years of working with clients who are dealing with various types of spirit manifestations, White Light House Healing has developed an extensive understanding and analysis of what types of clients that White Light House Healing can best serve.

White Light House Healing is nearly 100% successful at resolving issues for customers who are experiencing a benign human spirit (ghost). These types of spirits generally only want to draw attention to themselves so that you will be motivated to find someone to help them move on to the Light.

Dark spirits can range from evil human spirits to high level demonic manifestations. 
Many people with these more disturbing influences around them can have the problem resolved through a spiritual practitioner. If this practitioner can remove the problem for you --- great!  

Many spiritual practitioners accomplish exorcism by focusing on forcing the entity to leave, and not on the karmic purpose for it being there.
You should be aware that if someone removes it for you, and the entity keeps returning, you are an ideal candidate to be helped by White Light House Healing. 

When an entity continuously returns, this is an indicator that you are being prompted to develop your own God given ability to protect yourself. Many of the clients that White Light House Healing works with, that have a persistent dark entity issue, have tried one or more other practitioners without success.  
White Light House Healing helps teach and guide these clients to use the light within their own souls to permanently protect themselves and surroundings.

Many prospective clients are not drawn to the idea of developing themselves and becoming independent of relying on someone else to provide their protection from dark entities. For these clients, I would not recommend White Light House Healing services.

You must beware to choose a spiritual practitioner who is ethical and honest. There are many unscrupulous ones who will prey on your fear and bilk you of large amounts of money. Anyone who convinces you that you need to keep giving them more money to solve the problem is not going to help you. When you are ready to finally resolve your problem, White Light House Healing can help you.

International Clients

International customers need to be aware that difficult cases can be handled, but you need to have Skype or a reliable email and to be fluent in English (or have a reliable interpreter) to resolve a demonic case, or to be briefed on the result of an Aura Cleansing or Soul Retrieval.  For simple cases of removing human spirits, your language ability should not pose a problem since little or no communication with Paul would be necessary.

Paul can and does work cases outside of the United States.

One of his most successful cases was working with a man from Malaysia. This particular case was one of a demonic attachment to his teenage son. The level of influence on the son was dramatic and one step removed from being a full possession. To permanently remove this influence required nearly three months of intense communications and several clearings. The father was highly motivated and effectively learned to condition the energy in his home to keep the demonic entities away.

This case was conducted and resolved solely via email. The preferred method of communication is over Skype or the telephone whenever possible. International cases make telephonic communications prohibitively expensive, especially for the volume of communications needed to resolve any demonic situations.
(see Skype on Contact Paul page)

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