White Light House Healing
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Location Work and Photos

Often interesting things happen when Paul is there in person.

When physically on-location, he will take digital photos (with permission of the owner) that often capture anomalies (such as Orbs).

(See "Orbs", below.)

On-location appointments usually last 30 minutes to an hour, and Paul will answer questions you have about the spirit world.

When there are anomalies present in photos, and when the client wishes, they will receive email copies of the images.

White Light House Healing is based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Service prices listed under "Services and Fees" are based on doing the work remotely. If you prefer Paul to be physically present at your location, he will negotiate a fee based on the distance and time required for travel.



Semi-transparent, usually circular, objects appearing in photos.

Spirit energy naturally appears as a sphere, when it is not purposely taking another form.




First clearing in Chesapeake, VA

The first house clearing I did professionally was in Chesapeake, Virginia, in November 2007. The woman who lived there was sensitive, and had about a dozen different spirits in and around her house. The one that prompted her to have me clear the house, was the spirit (ghost) of a young girl. The client woke up one night to see the girl standing by the bed; the girl was trying to tell the woman something. The client decided that it was time to do something. 

Three days before I went to the house, the little girl talked to me telepathically, and told me her name was Lisa. The only other thing that was clear to me is that she wanted to go "home". I told her to hang on, and that I would be there soon. 

When I went to the house things started to happen immediately. As soon as I walked in the doorway my right knee felt like it just blew out.  I could barely walk on it and I had never experienced that before. I asked the woman if one of the spirits in the house had a bad leg that she was aware of. Then she told me that before I came she had a feeling that her deceased father’s spirit might make itself know when I got here. 

She explained that his name was also Paul, and he had a bad right knee. My knee didn’t feel right until I got home.  

We walked around the rooms of her house, and she told me that she had been finding pennies on the floor of each room. We picked them up as we went through the house. 

You can see in the "before" picture that there were a few Orbs of spirit energy forming in the back yard. After I brought down the Light, you can see the difference in the "after" picture. Of the dozen spirits leaving, several required "escorts" to the door, because they didn’t want to leave. I haven’t caught a display this prominent before. I think it was due to the volume of departing spirits.  

We walked through the house again, and found that more pennies had appeared. I picked up one by her computer, and handed it to her, and she says that it felt ice cold to her. 

She was able to instantly recognize the difference without all the spirits there, and there were several areas of the house that she and the family dog used to avoid, that now felt fine. 

After I left, she heard music from her son’s room. Her son wasn’t home so she had to go turn it off. Oddly, the music didn’t wake her husband even thought it was quite loud. She was afraid that not all unwanted activity had stopped. 

But I got the name of the song that had played, and looked up the lyrics. The song had a huge spiritual message for her and was arranged for, by her guides, to be heard that night. 

Once I had cleared out the other spirits, this opened the path for her guides to make contact with her.




First Orbs in my pictures

These pictures were taken on memorial day , 2001 in Roanoke, Virginia.  The second picture was taken a minute after the first, and this is the first time that I had noticed Orbs in any of my pictures.




Spirit guides and Orbs

After I had first seen Orbs in a picture taken on 2001, I looked through older pictures and found this one that I had not noticed when I took it on December 1, 2000. 

This was taken after I had a reading from a medium in Charleston, SC. 

I used a red filter to highlight the details better. You can clearly see a ball of light next to the medium’s cheek.You can also see an interesting caricature face of an old Chinese man (complete with hat and Fu Manchu moustache) on my shirt. If you look closely, you can see he is extending his hand toward the ball of light, as if to greet it. 

I later found out that the ball of light was the medium’s spirit guide.

In October 2002, I met the Chinese man during a meditation.  He is one of my spirit guides specifically for "Astral Combat."  I had a nice talk with him and his name is Master Wang. He demonstrated some combat moves for me;  he was as nimble as Yoda from the Star Wars movies.

 Many people I know find Orbs and faces in their pictures.  Some are very obvious, but more often you have to look carefully to see them.



Chesapeake Bay Bridge, Thanksgiving Day, 2006

I stopped to get a coffee at the snack bar out on the bridge. It was drizzling off and on that day.  

When I parked, I immediately noticed that the rain had formed a close approximation to the word "Hell" on the guard rail. 

This was put there just for me. As a necessary part of my spiritual training, God was putting me through a particularly miserable period in my life. God put that there as a visible acknowledgement to me that all is as it should be and that Hell is exactly what I’m supposed to be experiencing at that time. This also shows God’s omnipotence. There were numerous other places to park, but God already knew exactly which stall to put it in. He also knew exactly when to do it.  

Within minutes of taking this picture, the water dissipated and the word was gone.  

The more aware you are of your environment, the more signs and symbols you will find that are made just for you.



Another clearing in Chesapeake, VA

This clearing was interesting. The owner told me that the spirit activity level had decreased noticeably since she called to arrange for me to come. After the clearing I was able to tell her that one of the departing spirits was and old woman on a walker, and she blew the owner a kiss before stepping into the Light. She immediately knew that it was her grandmother. There were two others that departed with her that were unrelated. 

I was able to tell the owner afterward that the activity level had decreased because these spirits were eager to leave. Once they knew that I was coming, there was no need to continue to attract attention since they had accomplished their objective.  

I had someone take a picture while I was conducting the clearing and you can see a small light anomaly on the floor on the far right of the room.  This happened to be the center point I was using to bring down a column of Light.  

I sent this picture to the owner and she was very excited to see something in the fireplace. If you zoom in on the far right panel of glass, and look in the bottom left of that pane, you can see what appears to be the form of a cat. The woman is convinced that this is her cat that had died two years earlier. She gave me a picture of the cat and it does bear a resemblance.



A third Chesapeake, VA, clearing

At this clearing I sent the spirit of a deceased husband into the Light. 

He had been a suicide and had carried his issues with him after death.  I think he felt guilty about what he had done and that’s why he hadn’t moved on yet.  

He didn’t resist leaving and I hope he found greater peace in the Light.  This clearing didn’t require much assistance from above, so I only captured a few Orbs outside that had come to help with the transition.



A clearing in Virginia Beach, VA

This picture was taken from a distance, and is not good quality.  

The owner said that this room had a female spirit in it. If you zoom in a bit, there is an unidentifiable figure that seems to be looking out the window. Whatever was there in the house was cleared.



At the Mariners' Museum, Hampton, VA

This is a photo of myself, taken at the Mariners' Museum, in Hampton, VA.  This is the actual light from the recovered USS Monitor. I had always been fascinated with that ship, so I was pleased that a few Orbs joined me in the picture.



At Luray Caverns, in Virginia

This was a nice Orb in motion that I caught while on a tour of the Luray Caverns in Virginia.


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