White Light House Healing
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Contact Paul

Paul uses email, Skype and phone calls to communicate with clients.

The preferred method of initial contact is by email. 
Paul checks his email much more frequently than his phone messages, so you will get a faster response that way.



To leave a voice message call: 

(757) 646-1298

Clients within the U.S.A. 
If you want Paul to contact you by phone (within the U.S.), please provide this information:
•  your phone number
•  your time zone
•  provide specific time frames when you can be reached by phone 

International clients outside the U.S.A. 
Email Paul to arrange a call by Skype* or phone.

*Skype is a program that you can download to your computer 
that allows you to use the internet to conduct video-and-voice, or voice-only, 
calls with anyone else in the world that also has Skype.  
You can download the program for free; making computer-to-computer calls is free.
(Click here for how to get and use Skype.)

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